wow, this is actually really fucked up because here, you have an old, white man saying that a 14-year old and an 11-year old girl look “grown up” to their father on national television, and we’re supposed to believe this is cutesy and not at all worrying or problematic probably for the simple reason that these are black girls and not white girls and how fucked up as a society we are when perceiving black female sexuality EVEN THOUGH THESE ARE THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTERS AND DID I MENTION THEY’RE ONLY 14 AND 11?

fuck you, david letterman, you creep.

ew son

I feel as though the commentators are overreacting. They do look grown up because they have grown up… Y’all spinning this man’s words. I’m not a supporter or fan of David Letterman (eww, no) but y’all REACHING

Yes, the subjugation and sexualization of Black girls happens at a young age. It’s a part of our society. And it’s sickening. 

But that’s not what’s happening here. 

What’s happening here is President Barack Obama is making his rounds on the campaign trail which includes late night talk shows so he can seem relatable. And, Letterman is playing into that (not actually doing an interview) and trying to make him relate to other dads out there. Tug at the ol’ heart strings to get those votes….

And have you seen Malia? She’s sprouted so tall like a sunflower. It doesn’t necessarily mean “grown up” as in fuckable. It means “grown up” as in… not needing much help from mom and dad anymore, going through that teenage phase where your parents are embarrassing, having crushes on boys, etc…. Dads get afraid their going to lose their little girls and they won’t be the only man in their lives. 

And I’m sure young boys out there have crushes on them too. 

I’m just saying, there’s other ways to take these comments… it doesn’t have to be as extreme as it’s being made out to be. 

OMG people are overreacting for no reason AT ALL! It is something people say to parents about their children. WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN, HISPANIC, EVERYONE!

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